Instructions for Symposium submission

To submit a Symposium on the abstracts platform, with the pieces of work that compose it, it is necessary to submit the works individually.

1. To submit a piece of work that is part of the Symposium, log into the abstract platform and click on the “NEW ABSTRACT” button;

2. After clicking on “NEW ABSTRACT,” fill the following fields
(a) Abstract Identification:
i. Abstract Title: The title must identify to which Symposium the submitted work belongs and which part of the Symposium.
Ex.: SYMPOSIUM A – PART I (this would be the title of the work that correspond to the first part of “Symposium A”)
ii. Type: In this field, choose the option “Symposium”
iii. Theme: Default selection of “International Attachment Conference 2022” (not required to do anything).

(b) Personal Information:
i. Author, Co-Author, and Presenter: Identify the title, Name, Surname, Email, and Institution of the author(s).

(c) Abstract:
i. Fill in with the title and abstract text. The title must be at the beginning identifying the work that belongs to the Symposium.

After completing all fields, submit the work.
This process should be repeated until all the works that belong to the Symposium are submitted.

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